Last Updated on September 28, 2022

What does #bhfyp mean?

bhfyp hashtag simply means the “best hashtag for your post.” #bhfyp is used extensively on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Exploring posts with #bhfyp will always be inconsistent; in other words, you will never find a relation between the posts displayed. This hashtag exists in social networks for one reason only, ENGAGEMENT. You might ask yourself, does it bring engagement to my profile? Find the answer below in the FAQ section.

What’s a hashtag?

A hashtag is a phrase of characters and numbers preceded by a hash sign. Hashtags are commonly used on social media profiles like Instagram to identify posts on a specific topic.

The Scary Stats behind #bhfyp

There were 25,232,412 posts with the bhfyp hashtag as of August 16, 2019, 10:56 AM; one minute later, there were 25,232,472 posts. This is an increment of 60 positions within 1 minute, so that’s one post with the bhfyp hashtag every second.

As of September 28, 2022, Instagram has 173,439,493 posts with the bhfyp hashtag, this means people still have faith in it.

Example of using bhfyp

Nails R Us is a company that specializes in beauty supplies for salons and spas in Canada. Their marketing specialist uses hashtags like #beauty_supply to accumulate people interested in cosmetics and eyelash products to their beauty supply store page. That being said, they’re using characteristic hashtags to get engagement from specific audiences interested in wholesale products for business purposes. Alternatively, they’ve been spotted using #bhfyp for posts containing images of new arrival beauty products and nail technician classes to get random post views from unexpected people for a chance of a conversion.

bhfyp Vs. other hashtags

Specific hashtags like #nail_supply are used for posts featuring nail polish and nail art products and turn the customers to the nail supply sales channel. This method is great for driving traffic to your profile from an exact audience the campaign goal to most likely convert, whereas bhfyp is a powerful marketing tool for getting random viewers through the explorer or news feed. Example posts with the bhfyp hashtag can be found on Nails R Us Instagram profile.


What Is the Full Form of bhfyp

The complete form of bhfyp is best hashtag for your post.

What category or niche is #bhfyp used with?

Everything and anything. This hashtag is so random since millions of images are tagged with it. Explore photos and videos with the bhfyp hashtag on Instagram to know what they look like.

How popular is the bhfyp hashtag?

Since more than 90,000 social media users tag and explore posts with the bhfyp hashtag every day, your post is a big chance of being seen. Imagine the number of people who would see your post every minute if your post gets a chance to rank for #bhfyp explore.

Should I use the bhfyp hashtag in my posts?

Data-informed decisions are always best when marketing for a profile, but who would reject extra random engagement on a post? This is what #bhfyp will do for you; it’s a chance to have casual visitors, likes, comments, and by chance, maybe long-term followers.

bhfyp engagement benefits

  • Gain random likes
  • Get random followers
  • Receive random comments and messages

What are the alternative hashtags to bhfyp?

Every other hashtag in the world is another option; here are some of the top hashtags that existed with #bhfyp:

#love #photography #like #art #instagood #follow #fashion #travel #nature #instagram #music #photooftheday #food #india #fitness #picoftheday #beauty #style #life #foodporn #beautiful #ig #motivation #cute #handmade #italy #photo #instafood #memes #hiphop #italia #fun #happy #artist #makeup #brasil #model #gym #travelphotography #moda #summer #business #landscape #lifestyle #repost #naturephotography #architecture


No matter how experienced you are with social media, finding the best hashtags for social media profile posts can be a challenging task. With the bhfyp hashtag, you get random engagement for just including it in your hashtag list.


Urban Dictionary also describes bhfyp definition differently.