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I'm The Web Pro. A Designer & Developer Making the Web a Better Place.

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Hello! I’m Mo, TheWebPro. I’ve Been Building Websites for 16 Years

Started as an interpersonal freelancer, graphic designer and web developers with an intense drive for providing basic essential web services. Businesses from all over the world, impressed with my work. As the request for bigger projects and different services began to flow into my office, TheWebPro became a fine-tuned machine with a plethora of services ranging from logo and t-shirt design to web development and search engine optimization.

Web development is my specialty, through HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP, I develop custom web applications that match any project requirements. I have solid experience with the most popular CMS frameworks like WordPress, Typo3, Shopify. Beside that, I manage my own VPS server that hosts all my clients’ websites.

My interests do extend beyond the web, however, I enjoy creating fine graphics and enhance the existence of a thought with the most powerful tools, Photoshop and Illustrator. I do branding, logo, t-shirt design, flyers and almost anything please the eye. In my opinion, design should impress, please & most importantly, design should sell – literally and metaphorically.

TheWebPro keeps introducing me to different types of projects with varying levels of complexity, and developing my management and coordinating skills.

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