Last Updated on December 13, 2021

Al Sufi shop is more than just a shopping destination, it is a way of life, a household lifestyle. We sell history and traditions with each home décor piece you invest in.

Making your home look stunning is very important in the Middle Eastern culture, and Turkish decor gives your home that vibrant ambiance. Whether you live in a bungalow, a mission-style home, an old Victorian, or even in a historic Neo-classical house, no matter how you have, Middle Eastern handicraft decors are the best choice you will ever make.

Product Collections

Tablewear accessoires for your home. Ship to USA and Canada.

Tea/Coffee Set

One good point to note is that Turkish people know a thing or two about coffee, but this is nowhere more evident than their coffee/tea set. Turkish tea/coffee sets are often handmade and in most cases highly detailed and extravagant. They are always super cute!

Now you may be one of those tea or coffee drinkers who, at most times, find the regular serving sets boring.  Well, even someone like you would find it undeniable that there is something acutely beautiful about the way Turkish people craft their serving sets. If you find drinking coffee from a Dixie cup as the equivalent of going to the state fair, be sure to consider that drinking coffee from a Turkish serving cup is like going to Disney World, where you just walk around with your mouth wide open at the awe of what you’re seeing.

Of course, these sets are not made for just tea/coffee; in fact, you can use these serving sets to serve anything you like, be it coffee, cappuccino, tea, espresso, or even hot chocolate! They have been designed to meet every serving need of yours. Have a look at some of these excellent Turkish coffee serving sets, for sale at great prices on our website!  In fact, some of these prices are almost ridiculous because these are hand-crafted sets. Even at this, you get the best designs for the cheapest amount.